Sunday, September 30, 2007

Precious hours of life!!!

Hmm its been a looong time after I posted the last one.. I had lost interest in updating my blog. Had so much work that I didnt spare time to write. Wanted to write on so many topics, but by the time I start putting down words on that topic, that would have become old.

I dont know how people waste time doing nothing. As usual shruti n me were travelling to Mysore by train. Its just 3 hrs journey and we will have lots to talk about. But still we carried some novels, some magazines etc to read on our journey. Sometimes, during the journey I talk to the co-passengers and get to know them which is a good hobby according me atleast. But there were 3 passengers sitting opposite to us. They didnt speak to each other. Didnt read anything. Didnt sleep. Didnt look out of the window to see the nature. But they simply wasted 3 hours. How can a person waste 3 precious hours of his life!!!

For me I dont find time to do many things in my busy schedule. I can list down the things what all I wanna do apart from my office work... For example,
1. I read kannada literature. I have finished only a few books of some specific authors. There are lot more to read. :)
2. I love classical music. Though I dont try singing I will listen to it. Now I wanna learn, Mandoline or Violine :)
3. Read those columns in newspaper which I read regularly.
4. Learn Car driving
5. Visit those places which I have not visited yet.
6. Trekking
7. Eat in a famous restaurant and the special dish of that place
8 and ya Technology update without which I cant survive in my profession..
9. Cooking.. Learn to cook new dishes
10. etc etc

The list goes on and on.. If I plan to do all of them, I really dont find time to sleep also. When there are so many things to keep ourselves busy, how can a person waste few hours of his lifetime doing nothing!!!! I'm still wondering.

One of my friend keeps telling that we spend 20 years of our life sleeping. If we sleep 8 hours per day, couting the number of hrs since the birth of a human being till his death, its approximately 20 years!!! :)

"If u want to achieve something in life, then stop sleeping and start working towards it!!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Its 19th July tomorrow, B'day again.. But not mine ;)

This post is especially dedicated to my beloved friend pallu :) Do u know y? It’s her B’day tomo. When I wrote about my B’day, definitely have to write something for her B’day also. Hey pallu Wish u a very Happy n wonderful B’day :) Many more happy returns of the day.

It’s been 13 yrs since I know her. It’s not just that I know her. She is part of my life n family now. It’s incomplete without her :)

I met her in Sadvidya Primary school, when I joined there for 5th std. That was the time she too had joined. It’s been a long journey since then. We never got to know how we became so intimate. Friends, classmates, seniors, juniors, teachers everyone in our school remember both of us even to this day. If they meet any one of us, definitely they will ask about the other person. That’s how we were and we are.

Today I was remembering her B’day 13 yrs ago. Suddenly the idea of this post came to my mind. 13 yrs ago, u know what was my gift to her?? I donno whether she still remembers it or not! A Five Star” chocolate!. It was my dad who insisted me to gift her on her B’day. It was just 1 month after we knew each other. I didn’t know what to gift. I never gave gifts to anyone till then.

As it is in every friendship, even we fought, argued, and sometimes stopped talking also. But that was not the end. Though she moved to different city as her father got transferred, we were in contact. Thanks to the letter writing habit and then to the communication technology which didn’t make us feel we are not together :)

Now again, she is with me. I doubt whether I’ll be there with her for this B’day or not!! Both of us will be working sitting in front of computer.

Anyway, I wish her a very Happy B’day n wonderful year ahead :) I remember the following lines of some SMS .. ;)

Met u,
Became friends,
Had fun,
Freaked out,
Shared secrets,
Fought wid u, over u, for u..
Cried for u n wid u,

Teased u,
Hurt u,
Missed u,

N here I’m still thinking of u.. huh!! Long journey rt?
Hope it never ends… :)


Sady :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My best ever B’day on 07/07/07 :)

This time my B’day was something special.. U know why? One of the reasons is it was on 07.07.07 and one more it was the costliest B’day ever he he..

On this B’day I got to know with how many ppl I converse without any break.. I myself didn’t know that I talk to soo many ppl.. Many of my friends and collegues remembered my B’day and wished me!!! Great

Along with this, lot of B’day gifts!!! Each gift is nice and cute!!!

Hey forgot to tell, I even cut the cake..
:) This was the second or third time :). Always my B’days were something like get up early in the morning, take headbath, wear new dress n goto temple. Then have sweets which mummy would have prepared n also what daddy would have brought.. Go out with friends in the morning. Again in the night go out for dinner with parents.. :) This time papa got cake too.. This time I started feeling as if I’m growing younger with every B’day :)

Thanks to all who made my day a very special day :)

Sady :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

The feel at the end of one year in IT industry :)

I completed an year in this IT industry on 3rd july 2007. Along with the proudness of sticking onto the same company into which I joined, a year ago..

What were my expectations? How was that feeling when I was about to join?? Ofcourse all of u would have gone through that stage. But let me share my thoughts regarding that :)

Hmmm, I got this offer through my campus recruitment. So never ever faced the problem of searching for a job after completion of degree.. I’m lucky for that matter. It was just after my final sem exams when I had only 15 days of vacation. I mean only 15 days were left for my joining.. I had to search for my accommodation in Bangalore within that time, which was very painful.. :(

Just before the joining day, I was somewhat excited and somewhat tensed. I had a picture of how the office environment will be as I did my final sem prj here. But the tension was how will I be able to handle the responsibilities? Will the teammates be co-operative? Etc etc…

For my surprise there were only 2 in my team including me ;). I got a very good support from my team as and when more ppl joined. I was the youngest among all.. they treated me as if I’m a kindergarden kid. :P

Meanwhile, I even got the chance to know whats job insecurity, how will the deadlines be, why ppl change jobs, the term called "on bench" , etc ect.. To tell in short, experienced the heat of IT industry in all sorts.. :) I even got to know many ppl who were my collegues n now few of them are my best buddies..

But now when I look back, its a nice experience. Never got to know how an year passed. One major thing I understood is Learning is a continous process, no end.

Now I’m an experienced professional in the corporate world!!! No more a fresher :)

Wait for the second part at the end of 2nd year :)

Sadhana :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mind Speak..

It’s been a week almost after I posted the last one. I was busy with work. Couldn’t think of writing anything new. But why should one think anything to post whatever the thoughts are. That’s why this is thoughts into words.

I always get some crazy, emotional, sentimental thoughts in my mind. Some of them were like this don’t want to loose any friends, don’t want to get out of the college days. Always want to hangout with my best buddies in mysore. Don’t want to go away from the person whom I like most, want to know more about that person without any reason etc etc. In the beginning I used to think, only I’m like that. Only I get such thoughts that may be stupid to others. So, never spoke about these with anyone. Then, after sometime I got to know from my age group girls that they do think on the same lines. Then, I understood its because of the same age we girls are thinking alike. But never thought guys too think on the same lines.

Whenever I’ve talked about my thoughts to my best buddies (guys especially), they always gave me philosophical advices which made me think ‘no guys don’t think like us. They are not sensitive to feelings. They are very rough. That may be the reason’. But now that too has changed after reading few blogs written by some guys about such feelings. Don’t know in future how it will change again. But one thing I got to know is most of the people don’t speak their mind. Very few put them into words in a very beautiful way. Hoping to read many such blogs and hoping to meet many such people.

--Sady :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Those were the days :)

I started writing blog because of no work.. But now it has become a habit to write and post it in the blog. I have found a lot of things to keep myself busy these days. This is one among them.. :)

Though me n few other my batchmates (so called software engineers :) ) are happy in this industry, we always remember n talk about our college days in the lunch table. We talk about the gossips in the office, happenings, about the very bad food of our canteen, affairs going on, golden memories of our college life. When we start talking about the college days we will not go out of canteen for more than an hour.

As it is told the student life is golden life, really they were the golden days. I never knew how the 4 years of my engineering went. Those were the days when we used to attend the classes though not willingly but for the sake of our HOD ha ha :) Many a times we planned to bunk.. They were always the “Successful flop shows” in my words. One or the other person would oppose the mass bunks. If everyone agreed, we used to get caught by the lecturer. Now its not at all possible to bunk even if I wish to :P

Then comes the part of playing Dumb charades in the free time, imitating the lecturers J etc. The most important, how can I forget the internals for which girls used to get the most valuable copying tips from guys :D

Roaming in and around Manasa Gangothri campus, Milkshake of yampa, food in PPH canteen, gossips of CS ( Cycle Stand ), Jayciana are really memorable.

Along with all these, the company project for which made our lecturers to keep an eye always thinking that we may not attend the classes of last semester!!

Those were the days when we really enjoyed!! Really feel like going back to the college days :) Sweet memories in a golden box :)

To cherish all these memories together, most of us did meet during this college day too. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The fun of eating an Ice cream and walking in the drizzle.. ;)

Imagine a calm, empty road.. when its drizzling with cool breeze, How about going for a long walk in that drizzle with an Ice cream in hand… !! Amazing thought.. When its reality still more nice.. I know something naughty too is popping up in your mind after reading the first two lines. But that imagination is left to you.. ;)

But such situations are very rare! Few people like to go for a looooong drive too.. But I don’t as I dnt have neither my activa here nor I’ve a 4-wheeler :P

But still I enjoyed the long walk on a calm road with a Black-Current ice-cream [ :D ] in the first rain of this season ( called ‘Mungaru Male’ in kannada)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"One statement can be (mis)understood in 100 different ways.. "

Nowadays I believe strongly in the above caption :)

In case of SMS, you really can't Identify the tone or pitch of the sender. There is always a possibility of taking it in different sense instead of the intended one. It depends on how the recipient reads it.

But I have observed such misunderstandings when people talk also. Few may feel that u r harsh.. for some others it may not be so. But I'm surprised how the speech/tone can be misunderstood!! I've experienced many such situations with myself. When this happens repeatedly, I tend to think I might be wrong. But I'll not get to know where I'm wrong!! I end up in a confusion :(

There might many such situations with u too.. How do u handle them? ( Without getting into confusion like me :P )

Monday, March 26, 2007

My trip to sakaleshpura..

When the days are going on only with work work and work, nothing else I always wish to goto some place which is full of greenary.. nice water falls and the most important no mobile netwrok connectivity :) where u can enjoy the nature to the maximum extent and take a break from the routine.. My one such adventure was when I went to Sakaleshpura trekk with my best buddies bhatta, jitha, pavi, nivi, vivek n laxmana..

Thick forest, many small n big water falls, bridges, lot many tunnels.. What else u need for a trekk other than these.. Group of friends to chat n enjoy on the way.

The place is in the western ghats. Trekk was on the Railway track which was still under construction. We went till Donigall by Bus. It was 3:30AM. We started our trekk at 4AM. In that dark it was very difficult for me to walk on that railway track. Meanwhile I had to cross a bridge also when I felt that I shouldn't have come :(

But with the sun rise I found the trekk very exciting and interesting. Then I had to cross many more bridges. In that foggy weather the walk on the railway track with the chirping of the birds was an awesome experience :) On our way we were trying to find the elephants, peococks etc though we never found one ;)

Whenever we heard the horn sound, all of us guessed it in many different ways.. One would say it as bus horn, the other as the train. We never wanted a train to come there until we finish our trekk.. As per my (updated) knowledge about railways I knew the track is still under repair. So no train. But to our astonishment, the goods train with 6 engines and 53 coaches was there in the next fifteen minutes. We kept watching the train move. Later we got to know that there were no timings for the train as it was still under repair. That was the best part of our adventure.

By the time we reached the edakumeri station it was 1:30PM. we three girls were really tired by the time we reached there by walking almost 30kms. All of a sudden we had to change our plans as we could not move further as the short cut to the main road from there was closed. No permission to put tent in that place also. Finally, with the help of the station master we could come back by lorry which was supposedly for transporting the crane during landscape.. FOr our astonishment that lorry had the train wheels. We travelled back to sakaleshpura in tha open lorry in drizzling rain. It was remembering the chayya chayya song of 'Dilse'..

It was a nice trip.. :-)

Solitude is bliss..

I have a large circle of friends. But still sometimes I want to be alone.. Enjoy solitude! Something like being alone in the room with a novel in hand and listening to a light music.I have enjoyed many such moments.. Not many people like solitude. One of my best pal says "Solitude is bliss".. It cannot be told in words.. It is to be experienced!!

Sometimes I even feel like going to some place which is calm and out of all the happenings of the city. No mobile connectivity also. I keep visiting such places during some weekends.
I don't know how many of u like such places.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why this blog??

Why this blog??? I usually get a lot of things in my mind which are left as thoughts.. Thought let me put into words which you too can read and think if u ppl also get such thoughts like me.. :)