Monday, March 26, 2007

My trip to sakaleshpura..

When the days are going on only with work work and work, nothing else I always wish to goto some place which is full of greenary.. nice water falls and the most important no mobile netwrok connectivity :) where u can enjoy the nature to the maximum extent and take a break from the routine.. My one such adventure was when I went to Sakaleshpura trekk with my best buddies bhatta, jitha, pavi, nivi, vivek n laxmana..

Thick forest, many small n big water falls, bridges, lot many tunnels.. What else u need for a trekk other than these.. Group of friends to chat n enjoy on the way.

The place is in the western ghats. Trekk was on the Railway track which was still under construction. We went till Donigall by Bus. It was 3:30AM. We started our trekk at 4AM. In that dark it was very difficult for me to walk on that railway track. Meanwhile I had to cross a bridge also when I felt that I shouldn't have come :(

But with the sun rise I found the trekk very exciting and interesting. Then I had to cross many more bridges. In that foggy weather the walk on the railway track with the chirping of the birds was an awesome experience :) On our way we were trying to find the elephants, peococks etc though we never found one ;)

Whenever we heard the horn sound, all of us guessed it in many different ways.. One would say it as bus horn, the other as the train. We never wanted a train to come there until we finish our trekk.. As per my (updated) knowledge about railways I knew the track is still under repair. So no train. But to our astonishment, the goods train with 6 engines and 53 coaches was there in the next fifteen minutes. We kept watching the train move. Later we got to know that there were no timings for the train as it was still under repair. That was the best part of our adventure.

By the time we reached the edakumeri station it was 1:30PM. we three girls were really tired by the time we reached there by walking almost 30kms. All of a sudden we had to change our plans as we could not move further as the short cut to the main road from there was closed. No permission to put tent in that place also. Finally, with the help of the station master we could come back by lorry which was supposedly for transporting the crane during landscape.. FOr our astonishment that lorry had the train wheels. We travelled back to sakaleshpura in tha open lorry in drizzling rain. It was remembering the chayya chayya song of 'Dilse'..

It was a nice trip.. :-)

Solitude is bliss..

I have a large circle of friends. But still sometimes I want to be alone.. Enjoy solitude! Something like being alone in the room with a novel in hand and listening to a light music.I have enjoyed many such moments.. Not many people like solitude. One of my best pal says "Solitude is bliss".. It cannot be told in words.. It is to be experienced!!

Sometimes I even feel like going to some place which is calm and out of all the happenings of the city. No mobile connectivity also. I keep visiting such places during some weekends.
I don't know how many of u like such places.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why this blog??

Why this blog??? I usually get a lot of things in my mind which are left as thoughts.. Thought let me put into words which you too can read and think if u ppl also get such thoughts like me.. :)