Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The fun of eating an Ice cream and walking in the drizzle.. ;)

Imagine a calm, empty road.. when its drizzling with cool breeze, How about going for a long walk in that drizzle with an Ice cream in hand… !! Amazing thought.. When its reality still more nice.. I know something naughty too is popping up in your mind after reading the first two lines. But that imagination is left to you.. ;)

But such situations are very rare! Few people like to go for a looooong drive too.. But I don’t as I dnt have neither my activa here nor I’ve a 4-wheeler :P

But still I enjoyed the long walk on a calm road with a Black-Current ice-cream [ :D ] in the first rain of this season ( called ‘Mungaru Male’ in kannada)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"One statement can be (mis)understood in 100 different ways.. "

Nowadays I believe strongly in the above caption :)

In case of SMS, you really can't Identify the tone or pitch of the sender. There is always a possibility of taking it in different sense instead of the intended one. It depends on how the recipient reads it.

But I have observed such misunderstandings when people talk also. Few may feel that u r harsh.. for some others it may not be so. But I'm surprised how the speech/tone can be misunderstood!! I've experienced many such situations with myself. When this happens repeatedly, I tend to think I might be wrong. But I'll not get to know where I'm wrong!! I end up in a confusion :(

There might many such situations with u too.. How do u handle them? ( Without getting into confusion like me :P )