Friday, May 11, 2007

Mind Speak..

It’s been a week almost after I posted the last one. I was busy with work. Couldn’t think of writing anything new. But why should one think anything to post whatever the thoughts are. That’s why this is thoughts into words.

I always get some crazy, emotional, sentimental thoughts in my mind. Some of them were like this don’t want to loose any friends, don’t want to get out of the college days. Always want to hangout with my best buddies in mysore. Don’t want to go away from the person whom I like most, want to know more about that person without any reason etc etc. In the beginning I used to think, only I’m like that. Only I get such thoughts that may be stupid to others. So, never spoke about these with anyone. Then, after sometime I got to know from my age group girls that they do think on the same lines. Then, I understood its because of the same age we girls are thinking alike. But never thought guys too think on the same lines.

Whenever I’ve talked about my thoughts to my best buddies (guys especially), they always gave me philosophical advices which made me think ‘no guys don’t think like us. They are not sensitive to feelings. They are very rough. That may be the reason’. But now that too has changed after reading few blogs written by some guys about such feelings. Don’t know in future how it will change again. But one thing I got to know is most of the people don’t speak their mind. Very few put them into words in a very beautiful way. Hoping to read many such blogs and hoping to meet many such people.

--Sady :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Those were the days :)

I started writing blog because of no work.. But now it has become a habit to write and post it in the blog. I have found a lot of things to keep myself busy these days. This is one among them.. :)

Though me n few other my batchmates (so called software engineers :) ) are happy in this industry, we always remember n talk about our college days in the lunch table. We talk about the gossips in the office, happenings, about the very bad food of our canteen, affairs going on, golden memories of our college life. When we start talking about the college days we will not go out of canteen for more than an hour.

As it is told the student life is golden life, really they were the golden days. I never knew how the 4 years of my engineering went. Those were the days when we used to attend the classes though not willingly but for the sake of our HOD ha ha :) Many a times we planned to bunk.. They were always the “Successful flop shows” in my words. One or the other person would oppose the mass bunks. If everyone agreed, we used to get caught by the lecturer. Now its not at all possible to bunk even if I wish to :P

Then comes the part of playing Dumb charades in the free time, imitating the lecturers J etc. The most important, how can I forget the internals for which girls used to get the most valuable copying tips from guys :D

Roaming in and around Manasa Gangothri campus, Milkshake of yampa, food in PPH canteen, gossips of CS ( Cycle Stand ), Jayciana are really memorable.

Along with all these, the company project for which made our lecturers to keep an eye always thinking that we may not attend the classes of last semester!!

Those were the days when we really enjoyed!! Really feel like going back to the college days :) Sweet memories in a golden box :)

To cherish all these memories together, most of us did meet during this college day too. :)