Sunday, September 30, 2007

Precious hours of life!!!

Hmm its been a looong time after I posted the last one.. I had lost interest in updating my blog. Had so much work that I didnt spare time to write. Wanted to write on so many topics, but by the time I start putting down words on that topic, that would have become old.

I dont know how people waste time doing nothing. As usual shruti n me were travelling to Mysore by train. Its just 3 hrs journey and we will have lots to talk about. But still we carried some novels, some magazines etc to read on our journey. Sometimes, during the journey I talk to the co-passengers and get to know them which is a good hobby according me atleast. But there were 3 passengers sitting opposite to us. They didnt speak to each other. Didnt read anything. Didnt sleep. Didnt look out of the window to see the nature. But they simply wasted 3 hours. How can a person waste 3 precious hours of his life!!!

For me I dont find time to do many things in my busy schedule. I can list down the things what all I wanna do apart from my office work... For example,
1. I read kannada literature. I have finished only a few books of some specific authors. There are lot more to read. :)
2. I love classical music. Though I dont try singing I will listen to it. Now I wanna learn, Mandoline or Violine :)
3. Read those columns in newspaper which I read regularly.
4. Learn Car driving
5. Visit those places which I have not visited yet.
6. Trekking
7. Eat in a famous restaurant and the special dish of that place
8 and ya Technology update without which I cant survive in my profession..
9. Cooking.. Learn to cook new dishes
10. etc etc

The list goes on and on.. If I plan to do all of them, I really dont find time to sleep also. When there are so many things to keep ourselves busy, how can a person waste few hours of his lifetime doing nothing!!!! I'm still wondering.

One of my friend keeps telling that we spend 20 years of our life sleeping. If we sleep 8 hours per day, couting the number of hrs since the birth of a human being till his death, its approximately 20 years!!! :)

"If u want to achieve something in life, then stop sleeping and start working towards it!!"