Friday, November 21, 2008

First flight Journey... :-)

Last Friday and saturday I was in a hurry.. Some shopping, packing, weighing.. Guess what?? Yes, I was flying abroad.. Its my first international travel. I'm in Finland now, "The city of Lakes". I was so excited on 15th Nov because I was flying for the first time. Never before. Not even in domestic.

Flight was scheduled for sunday early morning.. 03:25AM ;-) Started to airport at 09:45PM itself. First trip, as it is with most ppl, my parents too were ready at my house to see off in the airport. I liked the drive to the Banglore International airport.. Though I kept on cribbing half the way that it is so far, if it was HAL airport, it was so near etc etc, liked it as we entered to the Airport road exactly. That road itself looked like a runway for me.. I was so excited by then. Started jumping when I could see the planes from the waiting launge itself. That was the first time I saw a plane from such a close distance.

I had bugged few of my colleagues asking about the procedures once I enter airport.. Bit tensed too about the weight limits.. :-P But everything went on soo cool that we checked in 2 hrs before and waited for the flight..

The enthu I had, remained only till the take off.. It was lufthaansa airbus.. Felt as if it was a city bus in which I was travelling. I was packed between two persons for almost 9hrs. :( Uff felt is this the flight journey!!

5 hours of transit in Frankfurt airport. Though I had plenty of time, n valid VISA couldn't roam around as it was raining heavily. The largest airport of Europe was decked up for christmas. Roamed accross the duty free shops and clicked some photos.. Started to Helsinki from frankfurt by a domestic flight of lufthaansa again.. But to my surprise this was much much better than the international flight.. :)

Enjoyed the aerial view of the both the cities as I was in the window seat.. :D
Finally managed to make out the time difference between India and my destination place.. ;-) This was my first experience of flight journey!!

Some more first experience columns coming soon.. Keep reading.. :-)