Sunday, December 28, 2008

A look back into the year 2008...

I was in full jolly mood when the year 2000 was about begin! I kept on telling we are entering into 21st century! Years are passing like days.. It’s already the end of the year 2008. 3 more days to go.. I definitely need to look back into the year and retrospect.

The year 2008 was a mix of both happiness and sorrows for me. Each incident was a learning experience. As and when there were more happier and sad situations I have learnt that such moment was nothing in front of this. Need to overcome all the situations.

I lost my grandpa on 12th Jan, 08. He was my great advisor. I still remember the stories he told me when he was part of the 2nd world war, emergency period during Indira Gandhi’s rule etc. Miss u thaatha.. :(

The great learning for me was in Bharat Cancer Hospital, Mysore. We think ours is the biggest problem on this earth, when I saw small children (who don’t even speak still), elderly persons in their 80’s suffering from different kinds of cancers which is not curable at all I learnt to think optimistic and overcome problems in life. At the same time console people and give them some hope about life so that they recover soon!

Compared to the last year, I have been more professional and responsible at my work. Have taken up more challenging and more responsible work. I still remember the day when my teammate once said, “Don’t wait for the opportunities, you should create one” when I was cribbing about not giving some responsibilities at work. I took it very seriously. Today I’m in Finland to carry out a very responsible task for my team. A great learning in one year. Onsite opportunity has given me lot more chances to interact with various kinds of people. Learn to live alone, be more responsible etc.

If I look into my resolutions at the beginning of the year 2008, I have tried to achieve most of them. I’m happy that I have worked for it and have grown up over the days. Now its time to make up resolutions for the year 2009 :)

3 more days to go.. I wish u all a very Happy and Prosperous new year ahead!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

First snow fall...

Here comes one more first experience story.. yes, first snow fall.. The day when I stepped into Tampere, it was -2 degrees temperature. The first snow fall of the season started on Nov 16th, 08. It was my loong time wish to see the snow. I always wanted to goto Himalayas to see that :-P Couldn't get permissions from parents ever!! hah but here I was seeing the snow.. I was on the way to office.. could see cotton like light weight particles falling down.. Me n maneesha started playing in the snow standing in Bus stop.. It was soo nice! Elderly persons standing next to us were happy looking at us.. That day night the snow fall was soo thick went out for a long walk in the snow fall.. Awesome experience it was as it was the first day.. Entire city was white painted.

Hmmm here is the further story which is interesting.. :-P As the days passed by, the temperature came down so much that it started snowing n snowing n snowing.. It became so heavy! You can imagine that as the cyclone rainfall in India.. Heavy blizzards.. I walked from office to room with lots of difficulty.. Snow was till my knee.. Now I feel, enough of this.. I wished to see snow. Now I have seen soo much that its enough for my lifetime.. :) Human Nature right! what he doesnt has, he wants.. when he gets he regrets!! :-)

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