Sunday, November 22, 2009

Comics.. Fiction.. Horror.. Thriller.. Suspense.. Love..

What does this title mean? :) Any guess? :-P Line of writings for the writers and types of readings for the Book readers... :) Yes I'm talking about Reading habits.. These days I'm talking too much about the hobbies right? May be.. But this topic came to my mind all of a sudden.. :)

There is a saying in Kannada "ದೇಶ ಸುತ್ತು ಕೋಶ ಓದು" which means travel all around the world, and read as many books as possible. I do read books.. Most of them belong to Kannada Literature which would give taste of all those words mentioned in the title of this post. I love to read those books which are small in size :-P so that I can finish it fast and pick up the next one. I like to own the book. So all most 95% of times I have bought the books to myself instead of borrowing it. You might ask do I have a library at home? Yes kind of.. ;)

But when reading as a habit comes in some general conversations with my friends or colleagues they give surprised looks and talk how can I read a book after my college days, that too kannada books.. Why shouldn't one read books? I wonder how much people are missing out by not reading books.. Few stick onto computer games and Internet all the time, few like to read only management stuff, few read only newspapers, few read only mythology or philosophy. I have seen people who belong to all these categories.. But I seriously feel how much people are missing by not reading and sticking onto TV and computers all the time!

When I was in school I tried to read shakespears.. Didnt understand much.. :P But stil I managed to read most of his dramas.. One more book about French Revolution which I read during my college days was by Maxim Gorky, "MOTHER" a very good french novel..

Wait for some book critics in my coming posts.. :)

Sady :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emotions in a Mixed Bag

Diary writing. Can it be called as a Hobby? I'm not sure. Read an article about diary writing about 5 years ago in a kannada magazine. That influenced me a lot. That was my engineering days. Didn't know what people write in diaries. But wanted to write! To my luck I was gifted a diary for the New year by my cousin. Diary looked very nice. velvet covered Red colored Diary. Started writing about the important events in college which I was part of. Made it a daily routine. Off late the enthu of writing it daily reduced. I remembered my diary only I felt bored or there was something important to quote!

After coming out of native place for job, it became a regular routine again as there were not many friends for me to share my thoughts. I didn't know blogging also that time. It contained many articles which could be published in some newspaper or online journal etc. It was all mix of thoughts and experience working in the IT city and travel during weekends to native. Some book critics as well.

Later when it became a hectic and mechanical lifestyle, reading the kannada literature and writing critics, also articles reduced. There are as many friends in Bangalore now as I have in my native place. My diary became a place where I write only When I'm feeling low.

Few days back I opened my diary after an year. Was reading through the pages. So many important events quoted in that. Mixed emotions while reading them. Many Gyans enlightenment also. I wrote it again. Had so many confusions thoughts in my mind. Wrote everything. Felt relieved after that. After so many years If I look back when I was thinking whats the use of writing a diary and now if I read my diary I realize. Yes I know. :) Being a chatter box, when I cannot reach my closed ones to share thoughts, I talk to my diary. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Misinterpretation of speech

Many a times you would have misinterpreted someone's words or others might have mistaken your words. For sure everyone would have come across such situations in life. My friend used to tell me always "One thing can be understood in 100 different ways". Yes that is true.

It is always the way how a person puts things across. Though it is said with the right intention, the listener might not get the correct point due to the tone of the speaker, which would lead to misunderstandings.

Take for ex: Sending an SMS. How well it is possible to express something in that? Might be something was told as fun. The tone might have been understood as being rude. Definitely difference of opinion would come between the two persons.

I have experienced few such situations myself and have been observing among others also. I sometimes think what is the good solution to avoid such difference of opinion? Is it good to convey the message only up to the point and leave it to the listener to interpret the way he understands or explains everything about the topic so that it is not mistaken at all? It is not always possible to explain things is what I understand. Whenever such a situation occurs, then it is good to make it clear.

The way we put things across!! Yes I have very good example for this from self and my friend's experience. In any company an employee speaking to his manger about his concerns. If all concerns are told highlighting the negative points, you know the impact! But if it is told in a positive aspect the result is different. The manager would definitely listen to your concerns and some action would be taken on that. But this is fine when a person is interacting with people who are not very close and conversation is limited to specific areas.

It cannot be done with all those who are close. Direct conversation, it is told the way how it comes to mind. But still why would a person mis-interpret is still a question to me! Including myself. Why don’t people get the correct message or the right meaning with which it was conveyed? Strange Question. Yet to find an answer..

Just this thought came to my mind.. Blogged here.. :) Comment your opinions too.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A day out with My Dad :-)

Dad & me, A day out! Wow! It was a wonderful day today... Enjoyed to the core roaming around in the countryside early in the morning! Seeing the Greenery, Colorful Birds, bullock carts, listening to birds chirping and flow of water stream..

It was after a long time I went out with dad on bike for a long drive. Whenever I go with him for such small outings, I get to know the hidden routes around Mysore which will be so calm and peaceful :-) For sure lots of photography Gyaan from him! :-)

Today started early in the morning at 6AM and went to Balamuri and then Karighatta. This is not the right season to visit the places. I didn't enjoy the place much this time. Kind of dry weather. Not heavy water flow of the cauvery which is the highlight of the place. There wasn't any water falls at all in Balamuri. I was told earlier by dad not to decide on those places. Still I wanted to go :-P

Hmm but still the 2km narrow stretch after the balamuri bridge towards Paschimavaahini was ultimate.. A small stream of water flows the sideways.. Lots of colorful birds chirping and flying here and there. I was trying to capture every bird I see in the eyes of my camera :) Dad was guiding from which angle and depth the photo would be best!

The best thing this time was the weaver birds weaving the nest by the riverside.. We were on the other side of the stream. Couldn't capture clear picture of the birds though I had 15x zoom cam.. :( But managed to capture the video! I had always seen such videos on National Geographic.. I was happy that I saw it and captured in my cam :)

Green paddy fields on the other side of the small route. The water droplets on the tip of the grass was shining in the early morning sun rays.. Always the photos my dad takes leads mine! :) And this time too :)

Overall a great day!! :-)

Sadh :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loong weekends...

Soo many long weekends this year!! Me Happy.. Starting from today one more long weekend is starting.. 4 days holidays!! Yuppie!! :) This give a break for me from my routine work.. I'll be back in my sweet home in Mysore as every weekend!

Eating, sleeping, roaming around with friends in the city in Hot sun.. :-P Getting scoldings from mom "horage ishtu bisilu, hogbeda!!" (Outside its so hot, dont go out!) ;-)

All these are a kind of fun... Traveling from Blr to Mys is no more fun for me because am not traveling by train any more.. Its by Bus and that too alone, which is very boring. Can't read any magazine or novel in bus as the lights will be switched off. Then, everybody will be sleeping! Travelling by Air conditioned buses wont have open windows.. So no fresh air also :-( can't look out of the window.. All together am not enjoying the Bus journey! :( Hectic work is making me skip the train journey..

But once I reach mys the fun is diff.. Have lots of plans for this loong weekend.. ;-) Have planned to goto Karighatta tomorrow early morning.. Its 15km from Mys towards Srirangapatna. Kauveri river flow looks beautiful from the hill... Lots n lots of colorful birds chirping here n there! Dont be surprised that am giving the details before visting.. I have visited once.. My favorite place.. Very calm and peaceful..

Some cooking sessions at home, friend's Bday celebrations etc etc in store for me for this loong weekend ;-)

You too have fun! Will update soon.. :)