Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loong weekends...

Soo many long weekends this year!! Me Happy.. Starting from today one more long weekend is starting.. 4 days holidays!! Yuppie!! :) This give a break for me from my routine work.. I'll be back in my sweet home in Mysore as every weekend!

Eating, sleeping, roaming around with friends in the city in Hot sun.. :-P Getting scoldings from mom "horage ishtu bisilu, hogbeda!!" (Outside its so hot, dont go out!) ;-)

All these are a kind of fun... Traveling from Blr to Mys is no more fun for me because am not traveling by train any more.. Its by Bus and that too alone, which is very boring. Can't read any magazine or novel in bus as the lights will be switched off. Then, everybody will be sleeping! Travelling by Air conditioned buses wont have open windows.. So no fresh air also :-( can't look out of the window.. All together am not enjoying the Bus journey! :( Hectic work is making me skip the train journey..

But once I reach mys the fun is diff.. Have lots of plans for this loong weekend.. ;-) Have planned to goto Karighatta tomorrow early morning.. Its 15km from Mys towards Srirangapatna. Kauveri river flow looks beautiful from the hill... Lots n lots of colorful birds chirping here n there! Dont be surprised that am giving the details before visting.. I have visited once.. My favorite place.. Very calm and peaceful..

Some cooking sessions at home, friend's Bday celebrations etc etc in store for me for this loong weekend ;-)

You too have fun! Will update soon.. :)