Friday, May 1, 2009

A day out with My Dad :-)

Dad & me, A day out! Wow! It was a wonderful day today... Enjoyed to the core roaming around in the countryside early in the morning! Seeing the Greenery, Colorful Birds, bullock carts, listening to birds chirping and flow of water stream..

It was after a long time I went out with dad on bike for a long drive. Whenever I go with him for such small outings, I get to know the hidden routes around Mysore which will be so calm and peaceful :-) For sure lots of photography Gyaan from him! :-)

Today started early in the morning at 6AM and went to Balamuri and then Karighatta. This is not the right season to visit the places. I didn't enjoy the place much this time. Kind of dry weather. Not heavy water flow of the cauvery which is the highlight of the place. There wasn't any water falls at all in Balamuri. I was told earlier by dad not to decide on those places. Still I wanted to go :-P

Hmm but still the 2km narrow stretch after the balamuri bridge towards Paschimavaahini was ultimate.. A small stream of water flows the sideways.. Lots of colorful birds chirping and flying here and there. I was trying to capture every bird I see in the eyes of my camera :) Dad was guiding from which angle and depth the photo would be best!

The best thing this time was the weaver birds weaving the nest by the riverside.. We were on the other side of the stream. Couldn't capture clear picture of the birds though I had 15x zoom cam.. :( But managed to capture the video! I had always seen such videos on National Geographic.. I was happy that I saw it and captured in my cam :)

Green paddy fields on the other side of the small route. The water droplets on the tip of the grass was shining in the early morning sun rays.. Always the photos my dad takes leads mine! :) And this time too :)

Overall a great day!! :-)

Sadh :)