Monday, June 8, 2009

Misinterpretation of speech

Many a times you would have misinterpreted someone's words or others might have mistaken your words. For sure everyone would have come across such situations in life. My friend used to tell me always "One thing can be understood in 100 different ways". Yes that is true.

It is always the way how a person puts things across. Though it is said with the right intention, the listener might not get the correct point due to the tone of the speaker, which would lead to misunderstandings.

Take for ex: Sending an SMS. How well it is possible to express something in that? Might be something was told as fun. The tone might have been understood as being rude. Definitely difference of opinion would come between the two persons.

I have experienced few such situations myself and have been observing among others also. I sometimes think what is the good solution to avoid such difference of opinion? Is it good to convey the message only up to the point and leave it to the listener to interpret the way he understands or explains everything about the topic so that it is not mistaken at all? It is not always possible to explain things is what I understand. Whenever such a situation occurs, then it is good to make it clear.

The way we put things across!! Yes I have very good example for this from self and my friend's experience. In any company an employee speaking to his manger about his concerns. If all concerns are told highlighting the negative points, you know the impact! But if it is told in a positive aspect the result is different. The manager would definitely listen to your concerns and some action would be taken on that. But this is fine when a person is interacting with people who are not very close and conversation is limited to specific areas.

It cannot be done with all those who are close. Direct conversation, it is told the way how it comes to mind. But still why would a person mis-interpret is still a question to me! Including myself. Why don’t people get the correct message or the right meaning with which it was conveyed? Strange Question. Yet to find an answer..

Just this thought came to my mind.. Blogged here.. :) Comment your opinions too.