Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emotions in a Mixed Bag

Diary writing. Can it be called as a Hobby? I'm not sure. Read an article about diary writing about 5 years ago in a kannada magazine. That influenced me a lot. That was my engineering days. Didn't know what people write in diaries. But wanted to write! To my luck I was gifted a diary for the New year by my cousin. Diary looked very nice. velvet covered Red colored Diary. Started writing about the important events in college which I was part of. Made it a daily routine. Off late the enthu of writing it daily reduced. I remembered my diary only I felt bored or there was something important to quote!

After coming out of native place for job, it became a regular routine again as there were not many friends for me to share my thoughts. I didn't know blogging also that time. It contained many articles which could be published in some newspaper or online journal etc. It was all mix of thoughts and experience working in the IT city and travel during weekends to native. Some book critics as well.

Later when it became a hectic and mechanical lifestyle, reading the kannada literature and writing critics, also articles reduced. There are as many friends in Bangalore now as I have in my native place. My diary became a place where I write only When I'm feeling low.

Few days back I opened my diary after an year. Was reading through the pages. So many important events quoted in that. Mixed emotions while reading them. Many Gyans enlightenment also. I wrote it again. Had so many confusions thoughts in my mind. Wrote everything. Felt relieved after that. After so many years If I look back when I was thinking whats the use of writing a diary and now if I read my diary I realize. Yes I know. :) Being a chatter box, when I cannot reach my closed ones to share thoughts, I talk to my diary. :)