Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Thoughts

Year 2009.. I never felt it was a good year for me! Though there were many success and failures, overall it wasn't a pleasant year. And again 2010 started badly.. Somehow not good. I hope there is an end to this. Some problems in life will never have a soln. I started feeling TIME is the answer to all these problems. With time, you encounter new problems which take high priority and the older ones automatically get solved somehow. Or even without solution they get ignored with time and with more difficulties.

Problem now is not at all a problem when something bigger than this is infront of me. Though the beginning is not good, there is never a bad ending. I didnt start this year with the enthusiasm I used to receive the new year every year. But I hope to make this year best for myself and the people around me. Still a long way to go. Have made no resolutions this year. I wonder why?! If I make a resolution I surely achieve them.

Want to talk about confidence also here. How confident a person can be? How much ever confident is one person, after listening to those who cribb always, who blame others for their mistakes, who dont have any goals set, the confident person also looses his confidence for sometime. When I thought why is this, I just found this answer. Those who look at a problem being an outsider will get to know the best solution.

I have seen two kinds of people. One, those who share their feelings with their closed ones and get the different view point and think in the best way. second, those who dont share anything and go in the same track of thinking? which one is best? Being an Introvert or an extorvert?

Some weird and crazy thoughts flew in my mind. Just put them here....