Monday, May 31, 2010

On a heavily raining evening... :)

It was 6PM. I was in Bus. Towards Bangalore. It started raining heavily. Got stuck in the traffic jam for about an hour. Not moving ahead at all. Started conversation with the co-passenger. Usual stuff. What do u do? Where are you traveling from etc etc. That bus was coming from Coorg. Stop over at Mysore. Hence the discussion started on tourist places in and around coorg.

Could hear to many other parallel discussions also. Everyone in the bus were tired waiting for the traffic to clear. There were a mix of ppl from different background. One was a manager in HSBC bank. Another person was an engineer working for Bangalore Metro. One more young lady was a footwear designer. There was a kid who seem to be very intelligent. She was talking about Mystery stories of many well know authors. Studying in 3rd standard and her knowledge level was really astonishing! It was a mixture of stories in the bus. There was a person who was talking over phone to his old friend about his engineering days of 70s. Many other small kids were also traveling in the bus as it was the last day of summer vacation for them.

Finally the bus started from kengeri clearing the traffic jam slowly after a long pause of about an hour. The road was like a swimming pool with almost 2 ft water on the road. Somehow reached majestic. It started pouring again.

Stood under a small tea shop for shelter for about half an hour. It was getting darker and darker as time passed by. Almost 8:30PM. Started off towards the road to catch an auto. Luckily the Auto driver who was an elderly man in his 70s I guess, said yes. I was so happy that i got an auto to reach my pg at 8:30PM n in heavy rain. But yeah the demand was "one and half meter madam" happily said ok to that also :P

Now my enjoyable ride through Bangalore roads started.. Every road we entered was full of water. Road couldn't be seen at all. The driver was driving very carefully. He wasn't able to make out where the road was good, where there were pits. Nothing we could make out. I was enjoying that rain. First time in my 4 yrs life in Bangalore i was safely sitting and watching the whole city getting drenched :) Cool breeze. Rain Water sprinkles from the open sides of the auto. Felt like having hot hot pakodas with chai.. Ah!! What a combination in that weather! Unluckily i didn't have that. But my mouth was watering. :D

Meanwhile the driver was more tensed to get me home safely than myself. He said in a worried voice "madam customer na hathskondidhini auto ge safe agi karkond hodre saaku".. A car passing by splashed all the rain water on us and passed by with very high speed. I was totally drenched sitting in the auto :-/ Felt like going through a series of water rides in a water park :-)

Finally @9:20PM reached my PG. What an experience it was..! Decided never will travel back to Blr on a sunday evening until the rainy season is over. Though the experience was good; parents, my roomies n finally the auto driver himslef were tensed about me reaching safely.

It got added as one more experience to my Blr-Mys travel experiences.....

Tiring but nice journey! :)