Friday, August 13, 2010

Tough time, Financial Independance for a Women and Old age

Somewaht I'm totally down today. Felt like writing all thoughts in my mind here. I suddenly realized how important it is for a women to be financially independat. My uncle passed away 2 days ago. Wife, One daughter of my age and one son who finished 12th and the aged mother in her 85.

By now you would have got the picture what is worrying me! Partially you are right. But yeah my cousin is working so little bit manageable position. Question is about My granny?! What next?! Dont know. All her daughters are married. 3 of them. But financially dependant on husbands. So there is no such decision which they can take on their own that whatever happens I'll take care of my mother! I'm answerable.. No this is not the case. Permission Permission Permission from Husband.

On the other hand, now at such an age, with hearing problem where will my granny go? who will take care. Others are not Ok. No one is ready actually..

Its tough for her also and those who take care of her also. She should be taken care like a kid. who will do that?!

I feeling too low now after seeing all these! Not in any position to console anyone also! Tough time.....

Now I realized the importance of financial independance for women and also how tough it is for a human being to live in this old age!

My ambition of starting an oldage home became stronger after this! Should see how it can be materialized....