Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Childhood :)

Wow! Childhood. When u just listen to this word itself you go back to memories right? :) How nice were those days! I actually wanna go back to childhood itself not just into memories. If I had a TIME MACHINE I would have done that ;)

Wanna know how was my childhood?? :)Here I go with some of the best memories of my days..

- I like to see the sunrise but not the sunset. When I was in 2nd and 3rd standard I used to go with Dad to Pavilion grounds in Mysore on Sunday early mornings to see the BIIIG raising Sun. Dad used to go for jogging. I also used to get ready like a sports girl in shorts, t-shirt n shoes ;) Jog till the sun rises n then stand looking at it :)

- Playing with rubber band was one of my favorite pass times.. Use rubber band and fingers and try to make different shapes with that. Learning new shapes in that always interested me :)

- Kites :) Not the movie ;) ya loved to fly kites. During the festival time (gaaLipata habba) used to make a neat kite with plastic and put the thread and run in the street holding the thread in hand. But ya for festival used to get a big one from dad. Flying it in Yuvaraja college grounds with full big role of thread! Awesome it was. Once left the thread after flying it very very high :-P

- Seeing Dasara elephants is my favorite even to this day :)

- Parents used to take me to Mysore palace every Sunday to see the illumination. I used to wait for the lights to get on. When I was 2 yrs old I had run towards the palace to catch those lights ;)

- Fight with bro for the comic book "Balamangala" on every Wednesday :-P

- Feeding sparrows was one of my good times. I hardly see sparrows now. Those days many sparrows used to come n sit on the roof of our house. During my breakfast time, spreading little rice on the ground and counting the sparrows :)

- The most important one which makes u guys reading this laugh.. :) Me n my little brother studied in same school. Due to fever he didn't come to school for 3 days. 4th day while coming back from school I seriously forgot that he was in school that day n came back home. Poor bro! He was in LKG. n Me in 2nd standard. He was crying standing in the school :(

- Trying to catch butterflies :) Butterflies always seemed interesting to me! Colorful :)

- Playing typical girlish games :) skipping, blocks, kuntebille, house game and the most important teacher game which i always liked ;)

- Playing doubles skipping with mom when there were no friends also is memorable :)

- Mt first watch! I was so excited when my dad bought me a red colored watch with heart shaped dial for my birthday when I was in 5th standard :)

- First time I saw a fridge in my neighbor's house. When I was in 3rd standard. I was so wondered to see that. Every time when I went to play with the girl their, I used to ask aunty, "Aunty can I open and see the freezer?" :P n then her daughter myself n few more girls used to play with ice cubes :P

- Fancy dress competitions! :)

- Cotton candy, chocolates, soft toys, counting stars n gazing at sky, Bouquet red rose (which has a diff shade of red), 1 day trips with parents, summer vacation @ granny's place in Bangalore many more add to my childhood memories :))

Hmmm those were the days :) Wanna go back right? It reminded u all of ur childhood I know :) Share ur memories with me! I'm all excited to listen :)

Sadhana :)