Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New day.. New thought.. :)

Yuppie here I'm back on my blog after more than an year!
As it is the end of 2011, all the TV channels start showing the whole year's event calendar as a re-cap now and all the news papers will have one additional supplement with the main sheet. Also on Jan 1st one calendar sheet with a bird or a lamp or any model's photo on it.. Ah! Usual routine :)

And to add to this, few ppl start making their new year resolution and few more start arguing on this context whats their in resolution blah blah as if they have been given the task of changing the mindset of Ppl. :)

But for me, When it comes to the year end, somehow I will be looking forward to change the calendar, wait for something refreshing... Getting bored of changing the channels not being able to watch the same re-caps everywhere :)

Ah I'm feeling glad at the end of this year that I could accomplish 80% of my resolutions for this year! :) Sounds like an objective setting and review in office right? hahah :)

New year is gonna begin with some interesting tasks for me! I will be getting loads of time for myself, setting up my house, Getting to know the new locality, some new plans for adventures n interests are in line. Giving an end to my PG life. Self sustained life of mine is gonna start with some cooking, house decoration experiments. They aren't my resolutions. But kinda waiting to start myself getting involved in this apart from the routine which is there for Big 5 years in Bangalore now!

Looking forward for an Awesome, eventful and Joyous year ahead! :)

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