Sunday, November 2, 2014

Travelling is bliss.

Travel travel and travel..! :) 2014 was a year of travel for me. Have been to many new places. Have got so many new friends. Tasted variety of dishes. uff now Ijust want to stay at home relaxed for quite sometime... I will definitely share my travelogue for all these places... :) Here is the list of places: Varkala, Allepey, Trivendrum (Kerala), Delhi, Agra, mathura, vrindavan, Kundapura, Davanagere, Maari kanive/hiriyur dam, Thirupathi, Hyderabad, Indore, Omkareshwar, Ujjain, Goa, Tanjore and Kumbakonam to close the year with! :) And of course multiple trips to Mysore :) It was an amazing year! Each place was so much fun as most of them were my first times. Starting from boat house, backwater resorts at kerala to Wonder of the world at Agra, Lord Krishna's birth place at Mathura, Superb eat street at Indore, Navgaraha temple visit which was truly a temple run to close the year with. I have got no chance to scribble about my travels all through the year! I have made a new hobby to get a souvenir from each place I visit to add it to showcase at home now with small tags to it mentioning the place and date! :) Allepey, Varkala and Trivendrum: This was an amazing trip. My 1st anniversary trip. It was March first week. Enjoyed each moment of this trip to the core. Unforgettable memories of the places. These places were a feast to my camera also. It was second week of feb when we decided to make this trip. I always search for accomodation from tripadvisor. Read the reviews shared by other travellers and then take a call on that. Deshadan resorts was the place I found to be reasonable and good reviews. To my luck, there was only 1 room left to be booked. I was lucky to book that. It is a backwater resort. Few traveller photos were also there. I was quite impressed by it. Next place was Varkala. This was Karthik's choice. Varkala is one of the best beaches in the world with very few ppl. I managed to book the same resort there as well. It was 28th Feb 2014 night, when we started to drive to Allepy. It was a real long journey. We drove continously till early morning. After which we took some 30mins nap and continued. It was an amazing drive through palakkad and trissur. Google maps are amazing. Even the smallest roads were directed so exactly that we reached the resort with ease. As the checkin was at 12pm and we were early by an hour, we had to wait. They are not flexible about timings. But the staff were very courteous and they gave us brekfast to fill our hunger and roam around. It was a super hot sunny day! Room was cozy! This is an amazing place just next to the backwaters. Very calm, peaceful. Away from all huzzle buzzle of the city. Lunch, snacks and dinner everything was just superb. Vegetarian food especially. Their cafetaria arrangement itself is awesome. We had no plans to stay in boat house which doesnt move in the night, nothing to see outside the boat. I just didn't want to stay overnight in the boat house. After dinner took a short walk inside the resort. As it was dark, by the water edge could hear so many fishes popping into and out of water. That sound was so re-freshing. In that pitch dark, there were fishing nets with 50watt bulbs glowing with a switch to control the light. men were at work at that time also. It was even more amazing to see that person getting a call on his cell at that location and conversing.! I was just waiting for the next day. As our resort could witness the beautiful sunrise besides the backwaters. As always, photography enthusiasts will never mind giving up sleep to capture such moments! It was indeed a beautiful Sunrise over there. Early morning with small boats localites were there for fishing, few were chceking their chinese fishing nets. Waited for sunrise for quite sometime. I just cant forget the beautiful rays that gave me wonderful silhoutte pics there.. The day went in looking around the resort, taking a walk in that green land, seeing those typical kerala style houses etc. As we were in Allepy, I wanted to get the boat house experience n not to miss it. Our next day was planned for it. At the resort they quoted about 6000/- for a day trip. Felt its too costly and tried contacting few aquatic sports and travel ppl by taking numbers throough google. But it was a standard rate. Surprisingly, they ask you if you want 2BHK, 3BHK etc :D which was little weird to understand in the beginning. It is like this, a boat with 2-3 rooms and a common area and a kitchen. If you want the entire boat for yourself it costs much more. 6k was for sharing the place with 1 or 2 other families there. Finally we made the booking. We checked out at resort. We headed towards the boathouse point. Our boat house trip started at 10AM. There were two more families with us. The place from where the boats start is so nice to look at. Each boat is different with different artistic windows, few even have multiple floors etc. Different colored decked up boats. Its the core business too to make money there. After seeing the boat house and its room, felt good for not staying there. Its good if you have a big bunch of people to spend time with. Otherwise its so boring.. They provided us with welcome drink , some fresh fruit juice which I dont remember now. Each boat house has cable TV dishes to capture satellite signals. We were happy to see the aquatic sports centre and the greenary besides us, many other boats moving by etc for sometime. But over a period of time, it was so boring that the sceneray next to us doesn't seem to change at all. Lunch was ok ok. Vegetarian food was not that great. Non veg food must have been good :D If you are a person who enjoy, non-veg and sea food atleast for that you would like the boat house. We finished our boatride by 4pm. He didnt take us to any island as he promised, instead he was riding around the same place for quite sometime slowly. This was our 3 day trip at Allepey. We headed towards to Varkala from there.