Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Bucket List..

Tagged.. This time I was not tagged by anyone. But I liked Dhanya’s latest post. So I took this on my own.

She says “This tag is basically based on the movie The Bucket List and tells you to make the list that you want to do before you kick the bucket”. Hmm I would like to list down my wish list too here. Whether all these are possible or not doesn’t matter to me. I believe that “Nothing is impossible in this world. I should work towards it to make it a success.” So here it goes..

My Wish List (not in the order of priority) :

1. Want to become a pilot and fly Jet Planes

Yeah, I always look at the Jet Planes with surprise!! I wonder about its speed. Never got a chance to travel in plane too.. But still wanna fly high.. Wanna fly a jet plane with full speed.. :)

2. Wanna land on Moon
Wow!! How nice it would be for a Moon Walk.. Love to do that.. Hopping n trying to land with blinking eyes.. Hop! Hop! ;)

3. Shall go for Scuba diving
Under water world!! It’s nice to explore the under water world.. Soo many color fishes, scary seals, whales, shark, crocodiles. Various water plants, algae, Corals.. Wanna know the life cycle of all these and make a movie.. :)

4. Want to be a Journalist
Yup!! This was one of the options in my list when I wanted to choose my career. Though I always wanted to be a Journalist, try to dress like one such, didn’t chose that field. I too was like all others who go with the mass. I too chose engineering profession. I didn’t know how to become a journalist when I was in High school. If I had strongly decided to be one, I could have found out. But didn’t. I would like to become like Barkha Dutt or RajDeep sardesai :)

5. Start an Old Age Home
I would like to start an old age home few years down the line. It needs a lot of patience, tolerance and helping mind not only the money. Of course the Human resource, people who are willing to join me in this and do well to the society is also required. Whenever I look at the elders in their 70s or 80s on road side who don’t have a living, and hear to those stories who say their children didn’t take care of them it hurts me a lot.. This is my BIGGEST DREAM. Anyone who would like to join hands with me?

6. Visit the 7 wonders of the world
Visit all these great Architectures once in my life time
1. Empire state building
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Great wall of China
4. Egyptian Pyramids
5. Eiffel Tower
6. Leaning tower of Pisa
7. Taj Mahal

I can list down still many more into my wish list. But I’ll stop at this stage now. Already you might have started thinking I’m crazy.. But as I already told u, at least one or two in this list will be fulfilled within next few years.. :)

Now, the final part of this tagging ha ha.. Whom to tag now? :)
Regular readers of my blog Poori, Bhatta and Dam!! You 3 have been tagged.. So finish ur homework soon.. Your time starts now!! Happy Blogging!! :)

Sady :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Interested in Gossipping?? huh why so? :)

Last weekend I attended a wedding. It was one of my colleague's marriage. Me n shru didn't know anyone there except the bride and her younger sis.. As it was a marriage it looked like all other marriages with soo many ppl. All dressed traditionally. some rituals going on one side.. Few ppl still busy making some arrangements. Few others in taking care of the guests etc etc.. It was a typical south Indian marriage.. When we were looking at all these, we could hear a female voice from behind commenting about someone else who had landed there from abroad.. "hey she has become soo thin, before she was soo moti", from one more corner, "nimmagalige madwe gothaytha? innu ilwa?" (did ur daughter's marriage got settled or not?) , from one more corner "ee madwe xxx matrimony indha gothaythu.. y dnt u try for ur daughter?" (this proposal was found from xxx matrimony, y don't you try ur daughter's there?), and again one more voice "aa hudugi ge naaveli nenapirthivi?, US ge hogi 4 varsha aaythu" (that girl wont remember us, its been 4 years after she went to US) huh sooo much of gossipping..

We were thinking why people at marriages speak only on such topics, gossip about someone else? Why are they so curious about somebody's life? We couldn't find answer to it anyways.. Watched the rituals, tried to understand what was going on with difficulty. Wished the new couple , had nice lunch ;) n came back..

Tell me also if u get to know why ppl talk such gossips? ;)