Monday, September 23, 2013

Here I am back to blogging again! :) Last week when I was thinking need to get back to this routine, Mansi also asked me y I haven't written it for so long.. :-) It feels good when someone remembers my blog and is missing it ;) So here I am motivated again to make sometime and start to pen here :-) Its long time after I blogged, clicked pics, read novels, wrote my diary..! All my usual routines have gone to a cupboard and settled down! :-) Now I am married and a responsible woman u see! ;) Not finding much time to give it to myself :( As every other Bangalorean I too have started cribbing about my time running in B'lore traffic! Commute time from office back home is eating my time...! Lots of lunch/dinner invites, wedding invites what not?! Something or the other is keeping me busy busy! I was overwhelmed when I clicked Ganesha festival celebrations at our apartment last Sunday. My photography skills got refreshed! ;) and now back to blogging! Yay! I hope to continue to write regularly .. Have made lots of new friends. New life.. new home.. new belongingness.. :) Right now I am listening to Fever 104 Show from Rubina while I am writing this blog :-) All 90's songs is being played.. Nice show :-) Here is a pic attached with this post from my recent clicks..! :-) Wait for more write-ups in the coming days..! :)


Poornima Prabhu said...

Awesome photo!! Please click more :)

Sadhana said...

Thank you :) Sure will do