Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Birthdays, happiness, Celebrations and expectations..! Happiness comes from within..! :)

It was my birthday yesterday. :) Yup 07-07-14. Special number this year. 07+07 = 14 :) I somehow was not excited about the day as I used to be every year. For no reason. This year I didn't want to celebrate my bday. Didn't want to give any special meaning to it. I did not expect anyone to celebrate it for me also. So when there are least expectations, everything turns out to be a surprise for a person. :)

With some past experiences of my birthday, me expecting too much from people around and getting disappointed was common. So, this year I wanted to donate orphanage kids for their study purpose and do some useful thing. Few weeks back found out from a friend of mine about one orphanage in Wilson Garden - "Anaatha Shishu Sevashrama". Children from age group of 3 yrs to 15 yrs are here. Around 60 children. All are school going kids. Starting from play home. Had made up my mind to give them notebooks and stationery as the schools have just started.

It really pinched me when I went there and witnessed the kids. I see two extremes. One at my own apartment community where children are being given all hi-fi gadgets to play and spend their time. Lots of pocket money to lavishly spend etc. The other one is here where the children are deprived of basic necessities and some love and affection. More than that proper guidance to their studies who would want to become future pillars of this nation.

After returning from there, lot more thoughts were still in mind. A midst all these my bday did come with some surprises from friends, parents and hubby! I did cut 4 cakes. Cutting cake has become a routine now. Some flower delivery - my parents gave me a surprise. It really did bring smile on my face. A card from hubby with text "To my Darling Wife" which was like "oh WoW" for me! You may ask whats special in all these. They are all small. But ya my mom got the online bouquet delivery done for the first time. Husband who never picked up a greeting card in life gives such a romantic card. My dad's cousin and his kiddo were waiting for me at my doorstep to return from walk to greet me n gift me! :) As I had disabled Facebook notification this year, there were very few who genuinely remembered this day and wanted to wish me! All this added and made this day more special.

I didn't go for any big parties, dinners nothing. It was a simple Rice-Rasam meal at home which was more soothing at the end of the day. May be over a period of time, everyone wants to maintain low profile at some point. This time of the year was mine. I did enjoy such simple one this time. Made Jamoons myself this year for my b'day. My mom always used to prepare some sweets at home which I would like, as a gesture of celebrating b'day at home. As I cannot prepare on a Monday which is a working day for me, I did prepare on Sunday. Felt happy cooking some sweets for myself :)

When we expect the least from people around, the more happier the life is. This was so true this time :) I was happy for myself. Only thing I craved for was to spend some quality time with my loved ones and parents both of which didn't happen this year.! Though everything was there, I was trying to find happiness in something else. May be that was this.

Plan your birthdays and special occasions to yourself and don't let anyone else plan it for you. It's your day! You plan it the way you want to spend it :) Happiness comes from within :) There are always people around who would want to know what gift did I get? how did I celebrate this day etc etc. Just to make them feel happy I can't change my way..! This is my way of celebrating :)


Poornima Prabhu said...

Totally agree. After a while one end's up preferring simple celebrations :). Glad that you could spare some time to spend with family and friends :). I still remember your b'Day celebrations we had in Bangalore.
Lots of love,
Poori :)

Sadhana said...

All of us used catch up only on my Bday every year.. :) For that sake at least I will celebrate my Bday so that we catch up :)