Thursday, September 6, 2018

A good friend is needed to power up your day!!

It's been quite sometime that I blogged. I have been busy with my little one and my life with very less meetups with my friends. I don't remember when I read a book last time. My photography skills are limited to phone shoot or clicking pictures of my little one.

As my little one is growing my interests, friends, time that I spend on everything is changing with it's priorities. My daughter's friends moms are my frequently met up friends now. Spending time in public parks is more done now. Finding new educational toys n teaching has been a good hobby I must say. With all these skills developing with me, still I am a person with my own likes, dislikes and interests for myself. Amidst all these, a good friend who shares your interests is like a catalyst for anyone to be feeling enthusiastic about life and daily chores.

Started back to job three months ago. I have found a good friend at office whom I meet and speak endlessly during my commute back home. Those endless talks of 1.5 hr rejuvenates me so much as we have many common interests. Starting from "Appata kannada premi" to eateries, photography, travel etc etc. That's how my day at office ends almost daily now. For quite sometime i didn't get to interact with my friends at all apart from mommies like me who speak about kids kids n kids... That "identity" with myself was not even discussed anywhere.

I am blogging today after such a long time to share it with you all that try speaking to that one friend with whom you can speak out your heart and feel energized!!! :-)

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